Non lucrative visa for Spain

A non-lucrative visa in Spain allows non-EU citizens to live in Spain if they can prove that they have the financial resources to support themselves and their family if they choose to come to Spain. This visa can be applied for by third country nationals who wish to reside in Spain for longer than 90 days (about 3 months) with no intention to work. 

Who should Apply for a non-lucrative Visa? 

A non-lucrative visa is not something which is aimed at all types of people. Mainly because those who apply for such a visa are those looking to retire in Spain and live there without needing to work. The types of people who are ideal for this type of visa are: 

  • Foreigners looking to retire 
  • Non-EU citizens who have enough funds to sustain themselves  
  • Those who would like to spend their first year in Spain before working and then plan to get a work permit shortly after their stay ends 

How much funds are needed to Apply for a non-lucrative visa? 

To apply for a non-lucrative visa, it is essential to have the necessary funds so that you can show you are in Spain for a valid reason which fulfils the non-lucrative visa requirements. Individuals applying for a non-lucrative visa must show they have at least 400% of the IPREM (multiplier for the public income index) annually in their bank account. As of 2022, the IPREM is 2.316,08 euros per month which makes it worth 27.792,96 per Anum which is also the amount you would need to own if you were planning to apply for a non-lucrative visa or even more if you are planning to bring family members over with you 

Who is applying 2022 requirements (Euros) 
Single applicant  27,792 
Applicant + 1 dependent 34,731 
Applicant + 2 dependents 41,689 
Applicant +3 dependents 48,638 

What documents are required to apply? 

Like with any type of application for a visa, you would need to show some documents to prove your eligibility as well as your identity. The following documentation is needed for a successful non-lucrative visa application: 

  • Copy of passport 
  • Copy of birth certificate 
  • Medical certificate 
  • Health insurance with a private Spanish company 
  • Proof of funds 
  • Criminal record 

Benefits of a non-lucrative visa 

The non-lucrative visa can bring a plethora of benefits to those who hold one with these benefits being something that pull individuals towards applying for this type of visa instead of another. Some benefits include: 

  • Long term residency to Spain for non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens  
  • Passive income visa so no pressure to earn money. You must show that the money you currently own can sustain your stay 
  • Gives you and your family the right to live in Spain 
  • No investment needed like with the Golden visa 
  • Pathway to Spanish Citizenship and EU passport 

Restrictions of the non- lucrative visa  

  • Cannot do any work which generates an income whether that is working for a Spanish company or Spanish clients 
  • No access to public healthcare system, only the private system 
  • Cannot claim any benefits I.e., welfare 
  • You need to spend more than 183 days (about 6 months) per year to renew the visa. This can also make you a legal tax resident 

The application Process 

There are 2 parts to the application process. The first part is the home country application process and the second one is done on arrival to Spain. 

Part 1- Home Application Process 

  • Application needs to be submitted in applicants home country 
  • The documents needed would be a passport, Visa fees, TASA 790 012 form and EX-01 form 

Visa fees can vary depending on the country the application is being made from. For example:  

  • USA fees= €123 
  • Canada fees= €507 
  • Majority of other countries= €80 

Part 2- On arrival in Spain 

  • You will need to apply for a residency card within 30 days of arrival when you enter Spain. There is no specific type of permit needed. 

After these steps have been met, the application will take around 2-5 weeks to process, however in some countries it can take around 3 months. In the UK/ USA for example, the application can vary depending on what consulate is used. Should you be successful, you will have up to a month to collect your document or the visa can be stripped from you and cancelled 

Renewing the Visa 

Initial non lucrative visa= +1 year 

Renewal 1= >2 years 

Renewal 2= >2 years 

When renewing the visa, there are a couple of conditions. Firstly, you must have stayed in Spain for at least 183 days per year of the visa as well as 800% of the IPREM which covers both years of the renewal in one go. If you have kids of the school going age, you must prove their attendance at the school they are enrolled in. 

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