Entry Requirements for Spain

For those looking to go to Spain from their home country whether that be for a short stay or for a long period of time, there are many requirements that need to be met to be granted entry into the country. These requirements will vary depending on the purpose of the stay as well as the duration someone is going to stay.

Covid 19 Regulations

For all travellers, the most common requirement that would need to be filled would be to do with Covid 19 regulations. Whether it is for one week, one month or one year, all individuals entering the country of Spain must be fully vaccinated and this must meet the Spanish governments requirements which includes a booster shot which would make you fully vaccinated. For those over the age of 18 who only have two or just the one dose of a vaccine this would mean that at least 14 days (but no more than 270 days) must have passed since your last dose which is the same for those 12-17 years old whereas those under 12 are not required to show any proof. Those who are not vaccinated however, can still enter Spain as long as they have the following documents:

  • A certificate showing a negative covid test no more than 72 hours before arrival into Spain (24 hours if using a PCR/ antigen test) or.
  • Proof of having recovered from Covid 19 within the last 6 months

If you do not meet these conditions however, you must complete Spain’s travel health control form no more than 48 hours from travel to Spain

Other Regulations

Aside from Covid 19, there are other travel requirements which must be met, which existed before the Covid 19 pandemic began. For example, all travellers must have a valid passport which was issued in the last 10 years and is valid for 3 months after their departure date i.e., someone leaving Spain on 15th June 2022 must have a passport valid till at least 15th September 2022 or beyond. Aside from passports, most travellers must hold a Schengen visa. This usually depends on how long the stay is going to be or the purpose. For example, those staying for less than 90 days do not need a Schengen visa. This applies to tourists, those visiting family members, attending cultural/ sporting events, or attending short term training and study. Those planning to stay longer will need to apply for a Schengen visa and those who get this visa can not only travel to Spain, but other Schengen member states.

You must also check that your passport has been stamped upon entry and when exiting as border guards use these to monitor whether or not you are complying with the guidelines of the Schengen visa so that you do not overstay your visa free stay. If there are any problems, you can use your boarding pass to show when you entered Spain and the exit date so that there is no confusion about how long you have stayed in the country. Those who are residents however should not need to have their passport stamped upon entry to Spain.

There are also some additional requirements that need to be shown such as:

  • Showing you have enough money for your stay 
  • Showing that you have suitable accommodation i.e., a hotel booking or an address of the place you are staying at
  • Not being banned from entering Spain

Entry can be demined to those who have exhausted the 90 day Schengen period or those who fail to meet other requirements such as not having suitable funds for their stay, accommodation or are deemed to be in Spain for suspicious activities.

Those who are from the EU, Iceland, Norway etc. may enter Spain with their national identity card and/ or passport. Those who are under 18 need written permission from one of their parents.


To conclude, it can be easy to enter Spain, if you have all the required documents and if these are valid and follow the current guidelines such as a vaccine no more than 270 days from arrival and authorisation from a parent for those under 18 if they are travelling alone.

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